“I would be proud to tell anyone that I am a seafarer” New recruits tell us why they want to be a seafarer

September 13, 2018

Since launching our national hiring initiative Be a Seafarer in June, we’ve heard from hundreds of men and women interested in joining the ranks of the SIU – each with a unique story to tell.


New applicants told us why they want to be a seafarer. Here’s what we heard.


“Working in the Maritime industry seems appealing to me because I grew up in St Catharines and have seen the ships go by quite a bit and have always found them fascinating. I think it would be a fun experience living on a ship and traveling to different places each day.”


“I am very confident that I would enjoy and thrive as a sailor on a cargo ship. I think it’s a very honorable and self-fulfilling way of earning a living.”


“Being a seafarer is something that I could have never previously imagined myself even considering doing as a career; however, after doing research on it and attending the information session, it opened my eyes to a job that sounds perfect for me”


“I am applying to become a merchant mariner because I am looking for a career I can be proud of, stability, and a chance to grow within a company”


“I take great pride in being able to change my own car tires or starter, and I have found that it’s abnormal for women to be in the trades. I don’t think it should be abnormal, and I know I am capable of learning and doing any job asked of me. I enjoy working with my hands and don’t mind getting dirty. I also know that I would be proud to tell anyone that I am a seafarer.”


Those interested in becoming a seafarer can apply at www.beaseafarer.ca