President Given steps aboard to hear from members

June 13, 2018

Over the past few months, President Given has been busy taking the time to listen to Canadian seafarers and sharing the message of stronger together across the globe.


In early May, President Given began visiting ships from port to port, providing updates on the latest developments concerning contract negotiations and to gather feedback from members before finalizing a deal to be voted on.


President Given stepped aboard the Algoma Spirit, the Algoma Innovator, and the Tim S Dool, where he heard the latest from members and provided critical updates regarding contract negotiations with Algoma. These engagements with the membership provided an opportunity for President Given to have open and transparent discussions with SIU’s hard working members, and to hear the concerns and thoughts on our areas of strength and areas for improvement as a Union.


The visits allowed members to ensure their voices were heard on a variety of issues, including requests for new curtains for the crew mess aboard the Algoma Spirit. For those who were off, or on vacation, we encourage you to contact President Given via email for an update.


Later in the month, President Given took our Stronger Together message to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, where he met with Members of Parliament and senior officials at Transport Canada. The message was clear, SIU will not stand for abuses under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and called on the government to better enforce the standards under the program.


The meetings also gave President Given an opportunity to update government officials regarding recruitment efforts, and a new campaign which launched earlier this week. He highlighted that the industry is growing at a very rapid pace, and that SIU is doubling down on recruitment of the next generation of Canadian seafarers. By building off our strong foundation of brothers and sisters, we can only get stronger!


Overall, SIU’s presence in Ottawa ensures a consistent communications channel is open with Canadian authorities in the maritime sector, making sure our positions are not only heard, but respected and acted upon.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates, as we look forward to a busy summer season on the water and on the shore!