Below you will find helpful information and step by step instructions on how to access Manulife’s website to take hold of your future, and manage your pension directly. You may access your account online, send an email or call the Customer Service Centre.

Please direct all inquiries about your plan to Manulife.


Group Retirement

Secure website registration

As part of our commitment to help you manage and monitor your savings conveniently, Manulife has introduced easier secure website access. In just six simple steps, you can set up your new online access using an email and password of your choice.

You’ll need your Manulife Customer Number and Social Insurance Number to get started. You will find your Customer Number on the first page of your account statement or you may contact the Manulife Customer Service Centre to retrieve it.

Step 1

Visit and Sign in under Group Retirement account.

Step 2

A new web page will open displaying the new log in page to the Group Retirement secure website. You’ll need to complete a one‑time registration to set up your login credentials. Enter your customer number and click Sign up now to get started.

Step 3

You’ll be asked to fill out your profile and choose three personal verification questions in the event that you forget your password.

Once you’ve completed this step, and accepted the Terms and Conditions, click Register.

Step 4

Once you’ve completed step 3, you’ll receive an email from Manulife asking you to confirm your registration. Select Confirm Registration or copy and paste the URL into your web browser.

Important note: for security reasons, the Confirm Registration link will expire in 72 hours, so please complete this step within this time frame. If you do not receive this email, please check your junk mail folder. If you still cannot locate the email, contact the Manulife Customer Service Centre.

Step 5

The Group Retirement secure website log in page will display once you open the link. Your email address will automatically appear in the first field. Enter the password you chose when you registered and click Submit. You will then be asked to answer one of your three personal verification questions. After answering, click Submit.

Step 6

Once you’ve answered your personal verification question successfully, you’ll be asked to input your Customer Number and the last three digits of your Social Insurance Number. Click Submit and you will then be re‑directed to the Group Retirement plan member secure website.


Congratulations! You can now access your online account using your email address and password!


Review your fund selection in the Seafarers’ Pension Plan

If you have carefully selected your investment options, you are not required to take action. However, we encourage you to take time to read the information below as this can help you get the most out of the investment options offered to you as a plan member.

Do you know where your money is invested?

When you joined the plan, you were asked to select where to invest your pension assets. Some of you, may have never completed this step, and for some of you, your selection may have changed when the plan moved to Manulife, as your assets were transferred to less volatile funds. We recommend that you review your investments on a regular basis to ensure they are still meeting your retirement objectives and your risk tolerance.

It’s important to consider taking an active role and to personally choose your investment funds because:

  • Everyone has different reasons and objectives when saving for retirement.
  • Everyone has different levels of investment knowledge.
  • Some may be willing to take risks while others don’t want any risk.

For a complete list of investment options available and the latest rates of return, sign into your account at


How do you review or change your investment selection?

Step 1

Sign into your account at using your email address and password.

Note: If you haven’t registered for to access your account online, you will need to click Register Now and provide your Customer Number and the last three digits of your Social Insurance Number to complete your registration. Your Customer Number can be found on your last statement.

Step 2

Review your current investment instructions. Under My Investments, select View my investment instructions. You will see how your contributions are being invested.

Step 3

Determine your investor style. Under My Investments, select My Investor Strategy Worksheet and follow the instructions to gain a better idea of your investor style and whether you are investing accordingly.

Step 4

To change your instructions for your future contributions. Under My Investments select Change My Investment Instructions and follow the steps.

Step 5

Transfer your current savings. Once you’ve chosen your new investment instructions for your future contributions, you will still need to transfer your current savings to your new investments. To transfer your savings, under My Investments select Transfer Between Investments and follow the steps.



If you require further assistance or have questions about your account, contact Manulife’s Customer Service Centre at:

1-888-727-7766, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Email Manulife at


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