December 6, 2017
President Given fighting for Canadian seafarers across the globe
Over the past few months, President Given has been busy fighting for Canadian seafarers and… Continue reading
November 30, 2017
A renewed commitment to communicating with our members
Over the past several years, our industry has experienced growth, and faced challenges and threats… Continue reading
November 30, 2017
Final Voyages
Over the past few months, we have witnessed the passing of a number of our… Continue reading
November 15, 2017
Greg Wells: A proud Canadian seafarer for over 37 years
“I really liked being on the ships. It’s hard to explain, but when I was… Continue reading
October 24, 2017
SIU of Canada advocates for labour law enforcement during strike against Algoma Tankers Limited
Algoma Tankers use foreign ships & crew while Canadian officers on strike Montreal, QC – The… Continue reading
October 24, 2017
SIU of Canada Taking Action to Stop Foreign Cabotage and Strike Breaking
Calling on Algoma Tankers Ltd. and Federal Government to enforce laws and protect Canadian workers… Continue reading
October 6, 2017
Seafarers call on the Federal Government to uphold labour standards for foreign sailors
The crew aboard the Bro Anna are working under abysmal conditions, being paid less than… Continue reading
September 13, 2017
SIU of Canada President Defends Cabotage and Canadian Seafaring at Transport Committee Hearing
“The SIU's priority is to ensure Canadian workers have opportunities for employment in the Canadian… Continue reading
February 15, 2017
Government of Canada settles SIUC lawsuits
Government of Canada settles Seafarers’ International Union of Canada lawsuits alleging systematic breaches of the… Continue reading