Members’ Survey: An Engaged and Passionate Membership

June 13, 2018

The seafaring industry is growing, and the Seafarers’ International Union of Canada strives to continually improve our communication with members and provide them with greater access to resources. Enhancements such as the launch of the SIU of Canada’s new website, increased social media presence and publication of the quarterly e-newsletter, The Sailor, are only the beginning.


As part of our commitment to serve our members in the best way possible, we conducted a national survey of members to see how the Union was regarded and what we can improve upon. Over 200 members provided valuable feedback that will help us continue to grow and serve our brothers and sisters better.


Overall, members are very satisfied with the SIU of Canada. More than half the members said they believe the SIU works to protect their jobs and the marine industry in Canada, and keeps them informed about activities happening within the SIU.


  • 3 out of 4 SIU members are proud to be a Canadian seafarer
  • 60% are proud to be a member of the SIU

For many, the best part of being a seafarer is the pay and benefits. Members also enjoy that seafaring allows time off and flexibility, while providing opportunities to travel. They also greatly value being part of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the sea.


It was also important for us to understand how members like to receive information from the Union. Interestingly, most of the members prefer to receive updates through email. Although, younger seafarers also lean towards getting information from social media.


One of the major takeaways for us was that members crave communication from us, especially when it comes from leadership. Members noted that they would like to hear more often from leadership and have leadership respond to their concerns. Since our re-launch, access to leadership and the executive team has increased, a trend that we are committed to continue.


We also learned many members are unaware of the SIU of Canada’s “Members Portal” or have not yet used the portal. The Members Portal is great resource. It allows members to upload their documents so they are all consolidated in one place for job calls, taking away the need to scan and/or mail in required material.


It is great to see members engage with us across all platforms. The positive response to our efforts to provide up-to-date information to members on a daily basis is great to see and the survey shows members are getting the information they need.


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