Fall Recruitment Update

December 10, 2018

Since launching Be A Seafarer in June we have seen an overwhelming response from youngsters and skilled workers alike, eager to get their hands dirty with the SIU and the Seafarers’ Training Institute. We have received hundreds of applications and countless inquiries from interested persons across the country who want to Be A Seafarer.


Over the last several months our representatives have been travelling across the country, meeting new recruits ready to start their career at sea. Most recently, we wrapped up a cross country tour where we hosted job fairs in Port Aux Basques, Gander and St. John’s NL, Halifax NS, Vancouver BC and Thunder Bay ON. We received over 150 applications from those wishing to launch their career as a Canadian seafarer.


Outside of our job fairs, we have visited a number of schools to speak with students, guidance counselors and careers teachers to make sure they know seafaring is a stable and well-paying career option. We learned that without a family member in the industry, most young people are unaware of seafaring. Increasing awareness of the career among young people is paramount as we aim to fulfill long-term labour needs in the maritime industry – beyond our immediate crewing needs.


Our efforts have captured media attention across the country. In case you missed it, news about our recruitment campaign was published in the Ottawa Citizen, on CBC news and the Daily Hive – just to name a few.


We’ve launched a number of new videos showing new recruits the various jobs they can have on a ship, what the inside of a ship looks like, and profiling some great SIU members. If you haven’t seen the videos, you can find them on our YouTube channel.


Thank you to all SIU members for your ongoing support throughout this campaign. If you are interested in getting involved with our recruitment efforts stay tuned for news on events happening in your area or send us an email at www.info@seafarers.ca