Announcing the SIU Retired Members’ Council

November 27, 2018

Our brothers and sisters remain part of the SIU family even after they retire. That is why the SIU of Canada is establishing a Retired Members’ Council. We want to ensure Union veterans continue to have a strong voice on issues facing retirees, and have the opportunity to provide input into key programs of the Union and the government. The knowledge and skills of our retired members are unmatched, and will help the SIU President and executive team to better serve our brothers and sisters of the sea.


With our aging workforce, our members are retiring a rapid pace. In the next five years, 20% of our members will be retiring. This Council will continue to grow and support retired members and the SIU executive for years to come.


The Retired Members’ Council will include veteran members from across the country. It will meet each year to discuss matters relevant to retired SIU of Canada members. Meetings will be held in key regions across Canada to ensure as many retired members as possible are able to attend.


Joining the SIU Retired Members’ Council


As a Union member, you helped build the Seafarers International Union of Canada. Over the years, you backed the Union as we fought for bigger paychecks, better fringe benefits, greater job security, and pensions that rank amongst the best in the country. The Union deeply values your thoughts and opinions as a longstanding member and wants you to continue contributing as our membership and industry evolves.

Benefits of joining include:

  • Opportunity to provide your valuable insights on how to make retirement programs better for our members
  • Ability to remain engaged in Union activity and continue our fight for fair wages, pensions and benefits in the maritime sector
  • You will continue to receive The Sailor, our quarterly newsletter highlighting the latest Union news and announcements
  • You will be able to have a valid SIU membership card even after retirement
  • Ability to attend SIU meetings to provide valuable input
  • Continued access to SIU members’ exclusive banking services with CIBC which includes preferred bank rates and expert financial planning

To join the Retired Members’ Council, SIU of Canada members must be a minimum of 60 years of age and have at least 10 years of experience with an SIU contracted company. Dues for joining this Council are set at $25 per year.

Volunteers from across the country will be selected to get this started and ensure that retired members have a voice.  From fighting for better government programs, to arranging for a friendly visit from another retired member to share Seafarer Stories, we want to make life better for our valued retirees.


If you are interested in helping us establish the Retired Members’ Council, please contact President James Given directly at


Fighting for You

The SIU of Canada works to safeguard and enhance your retirement years in many ways:

  • We monitor and negotiate company pension contributions.
  • We track national legislation affecting the SIU of Canada retireesand advocate to ensure a stable retirement is safeguarded
  • We stand behindfederal and local political candidates who support our goals and interest, including those of our retired membership.