2019: taking communicating with you to the next level

February 21, 2019

Over the last year, we’ve made some major improvements in how the SIU communicates with you. In 2019, we want to build on this progress, continuing these improvements and transparently communicating with members on all Union activities.


Through 2018, we made improvements in four key areas: regular Union updates sent to members’ email, direct engagement through member surveys, transparent communication from the SIU executive through email, newsletters and videos, and improved updates from Port Agents and Patrolmen during ship visits.


Some highlights from 2018 include:


  • In total, over 30 emails throughout the year were sent directly to members’ inboxes. These updates communicated important information about enhancements to the SIU pension plan, advocacy efforts, the ongoing recruitment initiative, results of member surveys, and ways the Union is working to improve its services.


  • President Given launched a video series, communicating important information and addressing frequently asked questions from SIU members.


  • We launched two surveys to hear members’ feedback on SIU activities and areas for improvement


  • Early in 2018, the online members’ portal was launched to make it easier for members to submit their documentation


  • Port Agents and Patrolmen underwent communications training to learn how to provide clearer and more comprehensive union updates


In 2019, we are excited to build on the positive momentum of last year. All through this year we will be looking to you, the members, to guide us in our activities. Expect to see even more direct email communication, more membership surveys, regular updates from the executive and even more online services developed.


One of our goals for 2019 is to have the membership become an integral part of our online presence. We want you to contribute more to our social media content by submitting your sea stories, photos, videos and updates so we can share them with the broader SIU community – you can do so directly by Facebook messenger to the SIU Facebook page. Additionally, should you ever have suggestions or ideas for the SIU website or social media pages, please contact us at info@seafarers.ca or through Facebook Messenger.


Stay tuned for more details! We look forward to making 2019 our strongest yet.