Day of the Seafarer 2018: recognizing our members’ contribution to Canada’s maritime industry

June 25, 2018

Every year on June 25, the international maritime community recognizes the Day of the Seafarer, remembering that almost everything we use in our daily lives has been directly or indirectly affected by sea transport. This year’s theme is Seafarers’ Wellness, prioritizing seafarers’ mental health – which can be especially difficult when workers are away from family and the comforts of home.


Every day, but especially today, we would like to thank our members for their hard work and dedication. As you may know, we recently launched a nationwide recruitment initiative as our industry continues to rapidly grow. This initiative would not be possible if our members, did not demonstrate that Canadian seafarers are the best in the world. Without you, Canadians wouldn’t have the goods they need for day-to-day life.


In St. Catharines yesterday, President Given and SIU members gathered at a special celebration which recognized Day of the Seafarer and commended our hardworking members. President Given delivered remarks to local elected officials and community members, telling them how our great members are. We also enjoyed our annual Day of the Seafarer cake, shared between members of the SIU, their families, neighbors and friends.



Thank you for all your ongoing hard work and happy Day of the Seafarer to all!