Patrice Caron

Patrice Caron

PATRICE CARON – Executive Vice-President

As a young boy, I watched boats going by on the St Laurence River and said to myself that one day, I will be on-board. This indeed became a reality, as I started my sea life in the Canadian Navy as marine electrician, then returned to land work in different fields, waiting for the “perfect job” with the SIU. I finally made it to the major league and joined the SIU in 1989 as a deck hand, when a job call for the John A. France could not be filled by regular members. This was my very first Union job and was extremely proud of it! This is where my real life started. Conditions were for the first time in my life, good enough to have a real life.

I spent many years boarding different vessels as deck hand and bridge-watchman, and remember well the Nanticoke, Maria Desgagnés, Algocatalyst and numerous others. I ended up with the Algoville in December 2000. I had many opportunities to travel, from summers down in the Caribbeans, to the arctic sea in the winter, and luckily, vice versa! In March 2001, I joined the SIU team as a union representative where I began union organizing and assisting people in acquiring union representation. This was a great collective and personal rewarding period, where we really felt as being an integral part of successfully seeing members’ working conditions significantly upgraded. From union representative to Executive vice-president, it as been a long and difficult, yet rewarding journey, and I am very proud of the achievement and road traveled. It’s now time to put this knowledge and experience to profit all SIU Members!

Today, we face new challenges, unseen before, where employers and government are much more aggressive towards Unions. We need to unite all Unions’ resources at work and achieve a path to success. Your SIU team is dedicated to this mission, and we take pride to bring great representation in this genuine trade Union that is the SIU of Canada.


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About Patrice Caron
    • Born in Québec City
    • Joined SIU in 1989
    • Joined SIU team in 2001 as Union Representative, Organizer and Port Agent
    • In 2004, joined the ITF FOC Inspectorate task force
    • Currently holding position of Executive Vice President
    • Graduated Queens’ University and various Union driven courses
    • Assistant Delegate to ITF Seafarers Section
    • Co-President de la Table Sectoriel Maritime Québecoise
    • Married with one son and one grandchild
    • Hobbies: Kayaking, cycling, photography, and summer/winter camping in the wild