Michael Given

Michael Given

MICHAEL GIVEN – Vice-President Great Lakes & West Coast

70 St. David Street East
Thorold, Ontario, L2V 4V4

Tel: (905) 227-5212
Fax: (905) 227-0130

Attention: Michael Given
Email: thorold@seafarers.ca

About Michael Given
    • Born and raised in Owen Sound, Ontario
    • Family of seafarers. 2 brothers, father and grandfather who was also a member of the SIU
    • Joined the SIU in 1987 and sailed on Great Lakes self-unloaders and car ferries as OS, AB, MA and QMED
    • Became a Union official in 2003. Have worked as patrolman, organizing director, Port Agent for the port of Thorold
    • Currently Vice-President Great Lakes and West Coast
    • Graduated from Queens University in 2008 with a certificate in Labour Relations
    • Live in St. Catharines with wife Cristol and son Austin.

As always, we remind everyone to make sure you keep all of your documents current. Medicals, passports and other documents that expire must be valid in order for you to be employed on a ship.– SIU - "A Sailors’ Union by Sailors for the Benefit of Sailors"

International Day of the Seafarer: Every June 25th is set aside by the International Maritime Organization for International Day of the Seafarer. It is a day intended to raise awareness and to thank seafarers for the sacrifices they make and the important role they play in the global economy.– Michael Given – Vice-President Great Lakes & West Coast