SIU Member Resources - Forms Download Center

SIU Member Resources – Forms Download Center

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!!! Please note that all application forms must obligatorily be accompanied by the following documents along with copy of any other marine related certification you may have:

    • 1. STCW Basic Safety
    • 2. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats
    • 3. Valid Transport Canada Marine Medical Examination Fitness Card
    • 4. Canadian citizenship card and valid Canadian Passport
    • 5. Permanent residence, valid passport from country of birth and Visa (type C1- Class D)
    • 6. Transport Canada Discharge Book
    • 7. Certified Criminal Record Check

For additional information on required documentation or certification, please contact your local Transport Canada office – Marine Division or your provincial maritime training institute.

Seafarers’ Constitution & National Shipping Rules

In accordance with the Seafarers’ Constitution and the National Shipping Rules, the SIU gives priority to full-book members and probationary members on all jobs called through the Union Dispatch Halls. The SIU retains the right and entire discretion, consistent with its rules, in the selection of applicants wishing to become members.

About the SIU

The Seafarers’ International Union of Canada is affiliated with the Seafarers’ International Union of North America serving unlicensed seafarers since 1938. The most important sailors’ union in Canada, the Seafarers’ International Union, better known as the SIU, represents the majority of unlicensed sailors working aboard vessels on the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence River, on the East Coast and the West Coast.