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A successful career and first class representation!

Is the sea calling you?
Answer the call and join the most dynamic maritime organization in North America!

A seafaring career offers a sea of opportunities. In order to take full advantage of your journey, it should begin with the Seafarers’ International Union of Canada.

We offer a friendly and collaborative work environment that rewards people who give their best.
We’re looking for talented people with a variety of skills, abilities and backgrounds who are ready to jump into a dynamic career at sea.
We also represent dockyard workers.

The SIU of Canada is now accepting new members.

Please contact for more information.

Making a difference through your career! Together, it’s possible!

SIU Member Resources & Application Forms Download Center: Click here

S.I.U. and the Government of Canada join forces and focus on a Priority Veteran Hiring Initiative

Contact us for more information.

Hire a Veteran Initiative Program


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