Charles-Étienne Aubry

Charles-Étienne Aubry

CHARLES-ÉTIENNE AUBRY – Vice-President, St. Lawrence and East Coast

I grew up in the Montreal borough of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. My playground then was the Port of Montréal where I regularly went to look at the vessels. When the opportunity to work on a vessel and make it a career arose, I enrolled in the seamanship course in Québec City. The first vessel I served on was the N/T Thalassa Desgagnés which I joined as a seaman in Montreal. To my great pleasure, this was the start of a new lifestyle. I also worked in the engine room before going back to the deck as a helmsman. As a SIU member, I had the opportunity to work on all kinds of vessels: general cargo vessels, bulk carriers, tankers and ferry boats. I was lucky to go on sea voyages in Europe, Africa, South America, Central America and the Canadian Arctic. My most memorable sea voyage is and will remain my first trip to the Arctic aboard the M/V Cécilia Desgagnés in 2006 when I experienced high-intensity situations and made lifelong friends.

In 2012, I started to work for the Union as a dispatcher. In 2013, I was promoted to patrolman and then in 2014 to port agent in Montreal. The end of 2014 marks my joining the SIU Executive as a Non-Marine Director. Since January 2017, I am Vice-President, St. Lawrence and East Coast, and I am very happy to represent Canadian seafarers. Our industry is going through troubling times and, along with my brothers and sisters, I am ready to proudly meet upcoming challenges head on.


200 – 1333, rue St-Jacques
Montreal, Quebec, H3C 4K2

Tel: (514) 931-7859, x-243
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About Charles-Étienne Aubry
    • SIU member since 2000
    • Since 2012, successively dispatcher, patrolman, port agent and Non-Maritime Director
    • Vice-President St. Laurence and East Coast since January 2017
    • Diploma from Queen’s University
    • Married with two daughters
    • Hobbies include hockey, swimming, guitar playing and sculpting